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Translational Research in Nanomedical Devices (TREND)

Research Group

at The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland


TREND is an SFI funded research programme which aims to advance the development of both traditional and new combinational nanomedical devices from molecular design to device manufacturing.


Located in the heart of Dublin city in The Royal College of Surgeon's in Ireland, a world leading health sciences institution, we thrive on exceptional collaborations between academic, industry and clinical partners.

We combine world-leading, multidisciplinary research in polymer chemistry, biomaterials, biomedical devices, drug delivery, respiratory medicine & tissue engineering to achieve our research goals.

TREND focuses on:

  • Developing expertise in polymer synthesis and characterisation

  • Design of novel biomaterials and devices including;

    • nanomedicines for drug/gene/protein delivery

    • hydrogels & scaffolds 

    • convergent drug device combinations

  • The amalgamation of polymer and biomedical expertise to create smart biomaterial device platforms for regenerative medicine and biotherapeutic delivery


Our research group is multidisciplinary, consisting of principal investigators spanning The School of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry and The Tissue Engineering Research Group, all located within The Royal College of Surgeon's in Ireland. 

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