PhD Students

Robert Murphy

Robert commenced an M.Sc. in Polymer Chemistry under the supervision of Dr. Andreas Heise in the School of Chemical Sciences at Dublin City University in October 2014. Robert then chose to transition into a PhD in January 2016 under the supervision of both Prof. Heise and Prof. Sally-Ann Cryan at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. His research is mainly orientated in the field of polymeric bio-materials with specific focus on the development of novel hydrogel systems for drug and gene delivery.


Rachel Gaul

In 2015 Rachel was awarded a Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship by the Irish Research Council to undertake a PhD in pharmaceutics. Her project is being carried out under the supervision of Professor Sally-Ann Cryan, Professor Catherine Greene, Professor Andreas Heise, and Dr Joanne Ramsey and aims to develop an inhalable gene based treatment for cystic fibrosis.


Joanne O'Dwyer

Joanne  is currently in the first year of her PhD under the co-supervision of Prof Andreas Heise and Prof Sally-Ann Cryan. Joannes research focuses on the areas of Pharmaceutics and Tissue Engineering. Her research is based on the use of novel polymers to develop gels and nanoparticles for cell and drug delivery to the ischaemic myocardium.


Elena Bobbi

Elena is currently in the second year of her PhD under the co-supervision of Prof Andreas Heise and Prof Sally-Ann Cryan. Her research involves the design, synthesis and development of functional polymers for tissue engineering and drug delivery purposes.


Patricia Monks

Patricia is currently undertaking a PhD in the areas of Materials and Polymer Chemistry under the co-supervision of Prof. Andreas Heise, Prof. Sally Ann Cryan and Dr. Dermot Brougham (UCD). Her current area of research involves the development of magnetically adressible novel hydrogels for controlled and targeted drug delivery.


Shona O'Brien

Shona  is currently in her second year of her PhD under the co-supervision of Prof. Andreas Heise and Prof. Sally-Ann Cryan. Shona’s project involves the design and synthesis of functional polymers as (nano)medical devices; more specifically, the development of super-strong degradable double network hydrogels for tissue engineering and biotherapeutics delivery.


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